Construction of the Sperryville Trading Cafe and Market started back in July 2016.  The renovation of the building was significant and required new electrical, mechanical, and plumbing to facilitate the new Cafe, Market, adult learning center, and the book store.  Both Eric and Janet Tollefson planned and executed the improvements to the building and opened the new Cafe and Market.  We opened for business on February 20, 2017.

Owner and Manager, Eric Tollefson.

After serving our country in the United States Navy, working as an Engineer, and managing Navy Programs, I decided to take a leap of faith and open the new Cafe at the base of Shenandoah National Park – essentially the last place to grab a bite to eat before you enter the park from the eastern side of the park.  My wife, Janet, manages the staff and I get a chance to do a little bit of everything!

The original building, known as “The Parkway,” was a gas station with a walk-in cooler and large spacious areas which hosted a gift shop and furniture.  Many people old enough to remember talk about “The Parkay” and enjoyment they had coming up to the store to fill-up their pick-up trucks with gas, grab a cold drink, and talk to their fellow neighbors.  For many years, it was a gathering place to catch-up on happenings.

The Parkway – This was the original building which was taken down during the remodeling.

If you look closely at the above picture, you can see the walk-in refrigerator that kept the drinks cold!!  You can almost envision the customers coming up for refreshments.  The years took a toll on the foundation of the building; deteriorated beyond repair.  During the renovation, the old “Parkway” building (shown in the above picture) were torn down.

As part of the construction, a new front deck was added onto the building for outside seating. The Cafe includes inside seating, as well as, outside seating.

A covered deck was added to the building to support additional outdoor seating.  The deck was extended to the middle section of the building to support an access ramp, picnic tables, an ice machine, and racks for fire wood.

Sperryville Trading Cafe & Market

We have been concentrating on the cafe portion of the business.  Soon we will be expanding the market section to include more products.

Janet and I continue to ensure our team delivers quality products.   We learned a lot during the summer of 2017.  Everyone visiting has provided really great feedback which has helped us make minor improvements to our products and services.

Please stop by and give us a visit.

Eric & Janet