Watch this website for postings on the 2020 fall foliage.

October 19, 2020, Monday – The leaves are showing their colors. Look at the below pictures taken facing west from the restaurant on HWY 211.

October 8, 2020, Thursday – The leaves are definitely starting to change colors. Subtle, but, definitely changing. The below pictures were taken early this morning just before opening the restaurant for breakfast. The yellow is much more pronounced than just a few days ago. Both yesterday and today there was a slight breeze blowing leaves around on the ground, too. The look and sounds of fall.

October 4, 2020, Sunday – There is just a little yellow showing on some of the trees. Not much has changed since the last post. The picture below was taken in the afternoon just as the sun was starting to dip behind the mountains to the west. If the leaves start changing on the mountains, we will post pictures. For now……..just a little yellow on some of the trees.

October 4, 2020 – A Very Nice Sunday Afternoon

September 29, 2020, Tuesday – This is the first post of the 2020 fall season. We are starting to see some yellow in the Black Walnut Trees and other trees, as well. Last week we had a few nights where the temperatures dipped in the upper 30’s which may be causing some of the trees to turn earlier than usual.