Local Pumpkins For Sale

Sperryville Trading Cafe & Market has local pumpkins for sale. Large and small pumpkins available displayed in front of the store.

These pumpkins were grown nearby the store on Battlefield Mountain Farm.

Battle Mountain is an igneous mountain in Rappahannock County, Virginia. The eastern slope is generally considered to reside in the unincorporated town of Amissville, Virginia while the western slope is generally considered to be within Castleton, Virginia. The entire mountain including the summit lies within private property at an elevation of 1,162 ft (354.2 m).

The slopes of Battle Mountain are in either commercial timber (primarily mixed hardwoods), cattle pasture (western slope) or crops (corn, hay and pumpkins as of 2019).

Battle Mountain Farm, which comprises the majority of the eastern slope of Battle Mountain is a mixed hardwood timber and small-scale commercial pumpkin grower, specializing in large jack-o-lantern pumpkins. Their pumpkins are grown without herbicides or pesticides in multiple commercial-scale 60-foot by 5-foot ecologically sustainable raised beds (no soil tilling required) using locally-produced natural fertilizers. The beds also utilize water-conserving polymer mulch and irrigation drip lines attached to on-site wells approximately 300 feet deep, providing mineral-rich water from volcanic aquifers. The well water pressure is provided by a 19 kilowatt grid-tied solar panel array on the farm, with lead-acid battery backup.

Now Hiring – Server

Sperryville Trading Café located in Sperryville, Virginia, is currently looking for a dependable Server. Must be able to work weekends both Saturdays and Sundays and work in a very rapid paced environment.

Servers taking food orders, serve food and drinks in a timely and accurately delivering an enjoyable dining experience for our customers. Previous experience as a server is preferred, but not required. Must be willing to work weekends.

Just come with a great attitude and the willingness to work hard.

If you are interested in the server position, please contact Eric Tollefson, Email: Eric@SperryvilleTrading.com, or, telephone: (540) 987-5083

NoBull Veggieburgers Now Available

Sperryville Trading now offers a local Virginia NoBull Veggieburger as an option to our local grass fed beef.

The 6 ounce NoBull Veggieburger is a plant based gluten free patty. Loaded with hearty, organic ingredients and handcrafted into a savory, lentil based, veggie burger.

Served on an organic honey wheat brioche roll with your favorite toppings.

Available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Takeout: (540) 987-5082


Commercial Space for Rent – 1,500+ Sf

1,500 square feet of premium newly renovated highway commercial retail or office space available.

The commercial space available (shown above) rental area is next door to a local restaurant including a used bookstore. This highway commercial space receives heavy car traffic and visitors entering and leaving Shenandoah National Park.

The address is 11669 Lee Highway, Sperryville, Virginia 22740.

Modifications can be made to the space. Contact for information on rental amount.

For more information, please contact: Eric Tollefson, Eric@SperryvilleTrading.com, (540) 987-5083

The Best View!

What a great view from our front porch.  This morning we came into work and this was the picture.  The moon is actually a crescent moon, but unfortunately my phone camera did not capture the moment as clear as the eye can see.


Southern Living Mentions Sperryville Trading Cafe

We made the short list in the May 2018 edition of Southern Living Magazine.

“Getting hungry? Exit at Thornton Gap Entrance Station (milepost 31.5), and drive east to Sperryville Trading Cafe and Market, where owner Eric Tollefson is happy to recommend a breakfast sandwich or a juicy burger made with locally sourced beef.”



Sperryville Trading Celebrates One-year Anniversary

Sperryville Trading Inc.


(540) 987-5082


Sperryville Trading Celebrates One-year Anniversary

Sperryville, VA – Sperryville Trading Inc., a veteran owned small business, celebrates one-year anniversary opening of a new Café and Market in Sperryville, Virginia.  After seven months of renovations, Sperryville Trading Café and Market opened to the public on February 20, 2017.  The goal was to open a local small business, procure local products, and hire local employees.

During the first year of operation, Sperryville Trading has hosted numerous events with some parties containing more than 45 people.  Lisa G. posted on Trip Advisor, “We needed a place for a large gathering (about 50) people for an evening event……Sperryville Trading Inc fit the bill perfectly.”

Thirty-two reviews have been reported to Trip Advisor with 94% of the reviews as very good and excellent.  Marilyn of Alexandria Virginia rated Sperryville Trading as 5.0 and stated, “we had a fantastic breakfast here on our way back from a weekend in Luray.  The food was fresh and delicious, the atmosphere clean and inviting, and the service prompt and welcoming. We will definitely stop again on our next trip to [Shenandoah National Park]!”

Local agriculture successes include nearby farms providing fresh beef and eggs.  The beef comes from a small farm in Woodville, Virginia where the cattle is grass fed and the process facility is located nearby.  Eggs are delivered from a farm located just across the street from Sperryville Trading.  During the first year, multiple farms delivered fresh eggs.  Sperryville Trading continues to work with nearby farms to take advantage of fresh naturally grown food.

Shortly after opening the café, there was a desire to obtain the perfect brioche bun for the fresh beef.  Moving Meadows Farm of Culpeper, Virginia the baker of the fresh organic bread used in the café, developed the “perfect” hamburger bun for our locally sourced fresh beef.  Moving Meadows Farm found the perfect bun recipe.  Sperryville Trading adopted the new bun for hamburgers, chicken, and BBQ sandwiches.  The grass-fed beef combined with the new bun has been a huge success.

Sperryville Trading Inc. was founded April 2016.  The Café and Market opened for business February 2017 serving breakfast and lunch.  Fresh ingredients include local farm fresh eggs, local organic bread, and local grass-fed beef.  Baked goods are made from scratch.  Local wines and local craft beers are also available.  The market also provides a variety of local art and products.


Sperryville Trading Inc.

11669 Lee Highway

Sperryville, Virginia 22740

(540) 987-5082